Thanks Canada

After living and travelling in oz for over the last two years it is great to visit home. This time it was even better than my visit last Christmas as I got to see so many more people and Daniel came with me. 
It was so fun showing Daniel around Canada and introducing him to places and things (mostly food) that I have been telling him about for years. He loved the mountains and the West Edmonton Mall and meeting everybody but he was especially excited about trying all the great food. Australia is definitely lacking in the fast food department and Daniel realised  that very quickly thanks to Wendy’s, A & W, Arby’s, Wok Box, New York Fries, etc.

We had a great visit and although I’m very excited for our backpacking journey across South America I wanted to give a big shout out to my friends and family in Canada who have always supported me and my crazy life. There is a great comfort in knowing that I have such great friends and family back home while I am in a different country. 
Thanks to everyone who made or visit so incredibly memorable! 


2 thoughts on “Thanks Canada

  1. It was so great to have you visit and to meet Daniel, whom we adore…it truly was a fun time, I look forward to reading all about your trip… you dearly, Grandma Marg


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