My First Week in Canada

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Canada so far has been amazing. The cool air has been a nice change to Darwin’s hot humid air, it’s been nice to wear long pants and enjoy the heat from a fire while having a beer. 

The weekend started with some drinks with our friend Ciara(from the Contiki Tour we did in Europe over three years ago)its such an amazing feeling having friends all over the world who are happy to put a roof over your head and show you the amazing place they call home. We hit up a few bars in Vancouver and what a night life! Vancouver is a city full of life no matter the weather – rain, hail, or shine there is always something on no matter your taste. Thanks for showing us a great time Ciara and Greg!

After a few days in Vancouver we hopped on the Greyhound bus and headed to Vernon where I met Bailey’s Mom and Dad for the first time, we stayed at her Grandma’s house where I was welcomed in to a nice home cooked meal. It was nice to see the smaller towns in Canada which are situated around the most beautiful scenery and the freshest air.

A tradition in the area is to visit the local haunted corn maze around Halloween, I wasn’t sure what to expect but the corn was 10ft high with actor’s around the maze dressed up as some of the characters from horror movies like The Ring. What a night that was, I recommend it to anyone one who enjoys a horror movie and wants the real life expierience. 

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On Friday morning I got to go horse back riding into the hills just outside of a small town called Armstrong, it was a great experience (a special thanks to Bailey’s uncle Lee who organised tge whole trip.) Despite almost loosing my toes to the cold it was nice to ride through nature on such a beautiful animal and stop above the hills looking into the valley to take in the view. Its something ill never forget and will be making sure its something I do again!


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